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Management System of Pipeline Prefabrication

Management System of Pipeline Prefabrication

Management System of Pipeline Prefabrication

Management System of Pipeline Prefabrication
Model:《Pipeline Prefabricated Design System》QSPT PFPWP V2.0
All of the pipeline prefabricating program can be made before you processing the pipeline, and this program can finish the work correctly.
Pipeline workshop can prefabricate pipe and work in the same phase.
Technical parameter:
S-00-QSPT-01《Data transfer program》
S-00-QSPT-02《Computer data transfer program》
S-00-QSPT-03《Computer data maintenance program》
S-00-QSPT-04《Computer Report form making program》
S-00-QSPT-05《Secondary design program》
S-00-QSPT-06《Secondary design amendment program》
S-00-QSPT-07《NDT program》
S-00-QSPT-08《Heat treatment program》
S-00-QSPT-09《Material color controlling program》
S-00-QSPT-10《Descaling, painting program》
S-00-QSPT-11《Welding message reporting program》
S-00-QSPT-12《NDT program》
S-00-QSPT-13《NDT program》
S-00-QSPT-14《Repairing program》
S-00-QSPT-15《Heat treatment program》
S-00-QSPT-16《Heat treatment daily reporting program》
S-00-QSPT-17《Pipe labeling program》
S-00-QSPT-18《Pipe daily reporting program》

S-00-QSPT-19《Pipe acceptance program》
S-00-QSPT-20《Pipe storage program》
S-00-QSPT-21《Technical management program》

S-00-QSPT-22《Quality control program》
S-00-QSPT-23《Material control program》
S-00-QSPT-24《Welding control program》
S-00-QSPT-25《Manufacturing technical data making program》
S-00-QSPT-26《Schedule program》

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