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Roller-bed-type Pipe High-pressure Water Cutting & Beveling Machine

Roller-bed-type Pipe High-pressure Water Cutting & Beveling Machine
Performance Characteristics
1.On-line Performance: Good (designed for flow process)
2.Beveling Capacity: ≤4 Min/ pipeline (DN200 SCH40)
3. Cutting Capacity: one Beveling per time
4. Beveling: high quality
5. Price: Higher than Plasma Beveling and Cutting Machine with Roller Bed
Technical parameter:
1. Pipe diameter: DN100-600(φ114-610)
2. Pipe thickness: 1-18
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cryogenic steel and others.
4. Type Of Bevel:V
5. Cutting Length: 6350MM
6. Cutting Direction: radial direction
7. Rolling Machine:
Structure: Double-roller with fixed distance
Rolling Machine Length:7000MM
Driving System: servo motor with precision reducer
Rotation Speed:0-2.5M/Min(stepless speed regulator of frequency conversion)
Rolling Machine Material:carbon steel, Encapsulation
Rotation Accuracy:<2.0MM
8. Trolley System:
Trolley Trip:6350MM , vertical move
Cutting Torch Trip:700MM(Ascending-descending)、300MM(Left-Right)
Cutting Mode:high pressure water jet
Water Jet Angle:±35°
Water Jet Quantity: one piece
Tracking System:high precision
Angle Error:<2°
Length- determination System:<2.0MM
9. Control System: SH-2000H NC Flame Cutting System
10.Control System of a Definite Length: Included in control system
11.Logistics System:Logistic System with elevator , driven by motor or electric
12. High Voltage Generator Power:OEM (or as per customers’ demands)
Supercharging Type: hydraulic system
Efficiency of Oil Pump: ≤90L/Min
Nozzle Diameter: ≤0.3mm
Hydraulic Pressure: ≤ 380MPa
Working Hydraulic Pressure: 330MPa
Motor Power: 37KW
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