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Product samples for Shanghai Qianshan Piping Technology Co., Ltd.(QSPT) Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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Shanghai Qianshan Piping Technology Co., Ltd.(QSPT)
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Slip-on Flange Fast Fitting-up Machine

Model: SFFUM-32A1/A2
Performance Characteristics
1. Weld Pipe-flange quickly
2. High quality
3. Low labor intensity
Technical parameter
1. Pipe diameter: DN250-800(φ273-810)
2.Pipe: ≤6M (or according your requirement), ≥500 MM
3. Group System: One set or two sets
Vertical Elevator: motor by lead screw
Vertical Move: motor by gear rack
Clamping System: 2-claw chuck, manual
Load: 500KG
4. Bracket System:
Load: 1500KG
Roller controllable pitch: manual
Vertical Move: manual
5. Track System: one suit
Rail Length: 8M (or according your requirement)
Rail Type: light rail

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