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Pipe Bevel Machining Workstation(A-type)

Model: PBMWS-12A
Performance Characteristics
1.Structure: 6 meters container with special technology, Pipeline Cutting & Beveling Equipment, logistics conveyer system of Pipeline Cutting & Beveling Equipment, Control System of Definite Length, 2 cantilever cranes
2. Production Capacity: ≤5Min /two pipelines (DN200 SCH40)
3. Mobility: Excellent (without limitation of radiation radius by using container as carrier)
4. Beveling Machine Quality: Excellent
5. Application: Used in groove preparation of thick pipelines
Technical parameter:
1. Pipe diameter: DN50-300(φ60-325)
2. Pipe thickness: 3-18MM
3. Pipe materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel.
4. Cutting Length: 8000MM
5. Type of Bevel : V
6. Limit Weight Of Mine Hoist: 1 ton
7. Control System: PLC and Touching Screen Control
8. Logistics System: logistics conveyer system of beveling machine with motor drive and frequency control
9. Control System of Definite Length: Control System of Definite Length combined with logistics conveyer system
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